6 ways to relax in Barbados

With a totally tropical climate, dominated by sunshine and high temperatures it is easy to see why Barbados is such an appealing holiday destination.  If you are looking to get away really and chill then, you are heading to the right place.  Here are six totally relaxing options for your Barbados trip.

Lay on a beach

The ultimate in relaxation, lounge on the sand at letting the sun warm your bones as the stresses of life fall away.  Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown fits the bill perfectly.  The silver sand stretches as far as the eye can see and it is known to be peaceful, with not too much in the way of heavy tourist traffic.  There are water-based sports on offer, but there is nothing to stop you just laying in the sand sipping a cocktail.

Feast in the sun

Eating is another relatively low energy activity that is perfect for relaxing in the Caribbean.  The Cliff is perhaps the most well-known restaurant so booking would be essential but oh so worth it.  The stunning backdrop is complemented perfectly by the fantastic food on offer.  The terraces are lit by, and the cove itself is floodlight so you can sit at your table and try and spot the tarpon and stingrays that call the waters home.

Go under the sea

Without any effort by simply hopping on one of the submarine trips.  Atlantic Submarine offers fantastic day trips and night tours.  For just under an hour you get to experience the wonders of the ocean floor from the comfort of the submarine.  You can admire the fish and marvel at the fantastic, surreal colours found on the corals.  There is also a shipwreck which sank many years ago.  No need to swim or snorkel just sit back and relax in this air-conditioned vehicle and listen to the local guide as they tell you all about the area.

Become Charlie

Take a leaf out of Charlie Bucket’s book and head off on a chocolate factory too.  Agapey is the artisan chocolatier of the island, and you can visit the factory and see the talented chocolate makers at work.  You have a choice of the group tour or a private tour, although there is a vast difference in price.  The group tour is highly recommended and will save you a few quid along the way.  With chocolate tasting along the way and a real insight into the chocolate making process, this is one tour you will never forget.

Hunte’s Gardens

Stroll through this botanical delight and revel in the piped continuously classical music.  No need to move at any pace, simply float through the gardens and stop and soak up the atmosphere along the way.  A real gem for flower and plant lovers.

Head to the Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey offers stunning scenery and a chance to learn more history about the area.  It may surprise you to learn that this is also the rum brewing capital of Barbados and there is a shop selling the local wares.

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