Why are the Seychelles a favorite destination for celebrities?

These islands are a paradise corner of the Indian Ocean where you can disconnect from worldly cares, recharge, forget about worries and… just have fun and dive. From football players, to actors and actresses to royal honeymoons they Seychelles Islands call anyone looking for a singular and very private trip. There are many celebrities who have already enjoyed this paradise, have you yet?

The Seychelles islands are not only an obligatory destination for lovers of snorkel and scuba diving, but also for land and beach lovers, who find here an absolutely romantic and unequal setting. Therefore, this distant paradise is one of the favorite travel destinations of newlyweds, such as Catherine and William of England, Sir Paul McCartney, who rented one of the islands to spend the honeymoon with his ex-wife Heather Mills or football players like Iker Casillas and his wife. The archipelago is to such an extent a kingdom of love that coco de mer grows here, an autochthonous species whose seeds are attributed aphrodisiac effects.

The Republic of Seychelles, located next to Madagascar, is formed by an archipelago of 155 islands, some of granite origin and others formed by spectacular coral reefs. There is no doubt that Seychelles is a piece of paradise dotted by the Indian Ocean, with a formidable sea and land. Almost half of its territory has been declared a national park. In Praslin, perhaps the island of greatest fame for its beauty, and known as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, extend almost 40 square kilometers of unspoilt nature. But also the small towns are charming. Victoria, its tiny capital on the island of Mahé, is made up of a handful of colonial houses and a colorful food market.

To the charms of this ‘perfect postcard’ remote scenario, of fine white sand, almost dust, turquoise and serene waters, fantastic autochthonous species, like the giant tortoise, we must add its splendid gastronomy. Tropical fruits, fresh fish, poultry and meats are the delicacies of an exotic and fusion food, a mixture of French, Indian and Creole cultures, which have left their mark on the islands and in their kitchens. Octopus with coconut milk, bat fed curried fruit, scallop with garlic butter … are some of the most extravagant dishes that are accompanied with delicious natural juices of mango, papaya or passion fruit.

The lover, the hedonist, nature traveler or the one who gathers all these characteristics at the same time has several alternatives to know the secrets of the ocean and its gigantic inhabitant. A cruise or yatch charter through the islands is, perhaps, the most requested option, but it is also possible to stay in a luxurious hotel or bungalow and practice water sports, discover the exceptional fauna and tropical flora, its granitic rocks sculpted by the wind, dive not only in its waters, but also in its colonial past and take a daiquiri to the seashore with the rows of coconut trees as a backdrop.

Of course, as a luxury hotel lover I have to recommend one of my favorite hotels in the island: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, where you will find a paradise lost among the vegetation. Another great option for luxury travelers looking for a white glove service would be the award-winning Maia Luxury Resort. Here, guests will experience all aspects of luxury.

The most unique setting, and most expensive hotel will be Six Senses Zil Passion at Felicite Island, located in a private island, the 5th largest island nation in the Seychelles and has a prime location outside the cyclone belt during summer season.

Regarding my favorite restaurants, in Beau Vallon, the Boat House restaurant is a classic with an excellent Creole buffet. In Victoria, the Marie-Antoinette is an exquisite colonial restaurant. At Round Island, Chez Gaby is reputed to serve the best Creole food in Seychelles. On the island of Saint Anne, Le Mont Fleuri offers a high-altitude dinner, in an elevated space on large poles overlooking Mahé.

On the islands of Seychelles, you must not miss the following: an expedition to see the whale shark, your luxury travel agent or consultant will help you find the best ways to do this, if you don’t have one, ask us; the Natural History Museum of Victoria, where you learn, among other things, the secrets of marine life. Or the beaches Anse Soleil and Anse Petite Police, in Mahé, recondite, solitary and paradisiacal. Or the National Marine Park of Ste. Anne, where you can see giant tortoises. Or Cousin Island, two kilometers from the Praslin coast, declared a nature reserve.

To conclude, Seychelles are dream islands which are a paradise for celebrities, honeymooners, adventure seekers, underwater fans, and you will find the best hotels and private islands to be spoiled and turquoise waters delineated by a skyline full of palm trees swaying with the breeze of the Indian Ocean. Halfway between the African coast and the Maldives, the three main islands of this postcard archipelago both serve as the perfect culmination to a safari, or just to forget for a moment the real world.

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